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Protect your teeth

Brush, brush, brush and visit your dentist regularly

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A friendly service

Helping you keep your smile

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Good advice

We help you with your oral hygiene

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A range of products

For all your dental needs

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Dental plan

To help you to save money on dental work

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Keeping smiling

Visiting your local dentist will make you smile

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Cosmetic Dentistry

To help you get that smile back

Teeth whitening

To make your teeth shine

White Fillings

Natural looking fillings

Scale and Polish

To remove plaque and leave your teeth feeling fresh and clean

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Dentists Barnsley Emergency Service

When you’re in pain with a tooth it can be frustrating and painful. Here’s how we can help.

Locate a Local Barnsley Dentist for Instant Dental Treatment

Dentistry is a dedicated medicinal science which deals with dental treatments.


"Michael from Dentists Barnsley helped me find an out of hours dentist when I was in pain with a tooth. I didn't have a dentist at the time and had started experiencing toothache and then pain. Michael helped me to find the dental treatment that I needed."

Stephen, Mapplewell

"I phoned Dentists Barnsley on a Saturday in really bad pain with my wisdom tooth. Michael managed to get me an appointment within just a few hours. Thank you."

Rob, Athersley South

"I moved to Barnsley to study Music and needed a dentist. I search Google and Dentists Barnsley came up on top. Michael helped me to find a dentist and now I have a good dentist whom I can trust. Well done and thank you :) "

Gail, Honeywell

"I phoned Michael via his website on a Saturday at 3.30pm and by 4.30pm my girlfriend had an emergency appointment for one of her wisdom teeth"

Chris, Barnsley
0800 034 0304
Mon to Fri 9 am - 7 pm