Bad Things About Fillings

Bad Things about Fillings

Falling Out

They are a few reasons why one of your fillings may fall out. One of them being, biting down too hard while eating, this could brake the tooth but also the filling as well. If you bite down hard, you are more than likely going to make it loose. The material that is used for the filling can’t stand been forced down on to it so when you bite down hard, the pressure on it may force it to brake then fall out of place. When the filling in placed, the cavity is formed with salvia which the disrupts the bond of the material and may cause it to drop out.

Cracked Fillings

The two types of fillings which people have both can easily be damaged whether it has just been put in or been in for a length of time, the filling can still crack. The two types of fillings are amalgam and composite. The fillings may be cracked when you are constantly forcing pressure on it after a length of time, even the end of the filling may crack but that can easily be replaced.

Leaking Fillings

The meaning of leaking is when the filling is put in place, and isn’t fitted properly so then they is a gap between your tooth and the filling which saliva and fit through the and maybe cause tooth decay. Both types of fillings can leak, but amalgam can sometime leak soon as it’s put in due to sensitivity but then will disappear a few weeks after. The composite filling can get contaminated with saliva and cause it to then leak with other things.

Worn-Out Fillings

Some filling can last quite along time up to 15 years or maybe more, but some fillings have to be replaced with new ones after 5 years.  Your dentist will tell you if you need them to be replaced.


By grinding your teeth will put pressure on the filling, by doing this you may get extra wear on your fillings and also cause tooth sensitivity. This can also cause your fillings and teeth to crack and make a thin line down your tooth which you can only see if you shine a light on it.

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