Brushing Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth

When you were a child you first leant how to brush your teeth, and throughout your life you still have that same brushing technique from those years.  Most people may not know this but, many people in this say and age still don’t know how to brush teeth properly, as they have a technique which is incorrect.  Even if you did learn how to do it correctly then you will not always stick to it, as brushing your teeth in the right way is very hard.  You need to brush them to remove all bacteria and by not hurting or damaging your gums.

They are so many different ways to brush your teeth correctly.  To find the method that suits you correctly, you should ask your dental surgeon about this, and then they will be able to provide you the correct way to brush your teeth.  They are one technique called the ‘Modified Bass Technique’ which is very popular for adults.  It is known that parents should supervise their young children till about the age of 9 or 10, to brush their teeth.  This may be because young children will have softer gums and also not know the important places to brush.

You should brush your teeth at least twice a day, if not then not much more even though a midday refresh is good for you.  One of the two times you should defiantly brush your teeth is before you go to bed, this is because while you are sleeping your mouth is so dry that more bacteria and acids can attack your teeth.  The second time should be in the morning, not straight away when you wake up but after you have had breakfast you should brush to remove all the food and will also remove the plague which built up over night.  But you shouldn’t brush more than 3 times a day, doing this can damage your gums.

When brushing your teeth, you shouldn’t brush too hard as you can damage your gums which has already been said before.  This can cause them to drift away from your teeth.  The plague sticks to your teeth very easily, but can be removed a little by a rinse, brushing your teeth will do it.  Once the plague has turned to tartar (calculus) then it becomes so hard you can’t brush it off but if you think you brush too hard the hold the brush like a pen.  You should brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes, you need to remind yourself to clean every single tooth.

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