Dental Implants

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a root device which is normally made out titanium, a material that is well respected by the bone and also integrates so easily with the bone tissue.  This is a replacement of the room from your natural tooth, which is then put in to a pre drilled socket which is located in your jaw bone to support a crown or bridge.  The whole point of a implant is to make the surface of the implant and the surrounding bone tissue to make a closer contact, so then they fuse together making a more stable support for your new teeth.

How much do implants last?

They have been used for over 30 years before where people had teeth missing, but depending on how your respect your teeth, they can last a full life time.  Similar to other restorations, your implant which is implant supported can still get ruin your teeth by not looking after them properly which is called poor oral hygiene.  Can also get effected be gum disease. You should learn how to have good oral hygiene then this way your teeth and implants will last a lot longer and also look a lot better.

How much do implants cost?

Dental implant prices can vary.  This depends on several factors, one of these include the type of surgeon who you have doing the treatment, another is the brand of the implant that is going to be used.  Also the quality and type of the implant go’s on prices, so a bigger brand, the bigger quality and better type of implant will rise in price, as well as the location.  The level of after care what is been provided also taken in to consideration.  Its obvious that the more implants you need the price will be higher, and in the UK single implants price range is £800 – £3000.


How will you know if you have enough bone for implant or not?

Will – having different dental x-rays and a CT scan, your bone density and the volume can be examined and also information about anatomical structures which has to be avoided can then be got together.

2 reasons why you will not

Sinus augmentation – You may need to replace missing teeth on upper jaw amt the back, a new in the sinus is created, can make height bigger for the placement to fit.

Onlay Grafting – This is where another piece of bone from somewhere else is taken and put in an area where it’s deficient in bone.  In time the new bone will connect with underlying none to make a better environment for the implant to be put.



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