Dental Insurance Plans

Dental Insurance is used so that your health can be looked after properly. This is made so that some of the costs are covered such as check ups and x-rays. Instead of paying for a check up on itself isn’t bad, but if then you need extra surgery then you will have to pay for it, even if its just a polish. So insurance is there so that you don’t have to pay for simple things like check ups, x-rays and polishing etc.

Having extra surgery like dental crowns and implants don’t come within the category of check ups and polishes. You will have to pay separate for treatment like that because that’s how dentists make their money. For example, if you pay £8.99 a month insurance and you need a silver/gold tooth putting in, then they won’t do it for free and include it in your insurance, if that was the case then dentists won’t make profit. So you have to pay for different types of treatment

What does the insurance cover?

The insurance only covers certain amount of things. As the text above explained what things you get and things you don’t. Here are a few things that you get with your insurance:

  • Root Canals
  • Oral Surgery
  • Periodontal Maintenance and Cleanings
  • Repair of Dentures
  • Fillings

There is some simple examples of what you may get free if you have dental insurance.

Is It Worth Buying?

If you have great strong teeth then you will think maybe not worth buying, but insurance covers check ups and x-rays. All it needs is to get hit in the face and you may have a problem, then without insurance you will have to pay for that check-up.  You might think its nothing until you start getting problems so you have to keep going to the dentist.  In the end you might have cracked you tooth or chipped it, therefore you will have to pay to get it repaired.  Years to come you may start getting problems with your teeth and therefore attending the surgeon quite often and paying a lot of money with the bills adding up.  So insurance is therefore a very positive thing if you just need a check up or even an x-ray if you think you have a problem with your teeth. If you want to avoid the chances of dental insurance then advise you to brush after every meal and flos

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