Facts About Home Teeth Whitening Kits

It is well known that more people are buying home teeth whitening kits to help get their to teeth to a better standard.  A good thing about these kits is that they are very convenient.  They are not a very big product so you can easily carry it around with you either in your pocket or in a bag.  Another good thing about them is the price, the price of these kits are not high and are very average on different models.  They come in different types of models and also different manufactures so as an outcome of this, the prices will vary.  So a positive point for all customers is that you can get the model or the price of the kit which will suit you best.


Check Teeth Before

A fact about this is that before you either buy a kit or get it done by a professional is to get your dentist to check your teeth first.  The reason for this being is that maybe your teeth don’t need the treatment so you could be wasting your money, or to see if that you need any work done on the teeth before you have the treatment.

Different Kits

Another fact is that there are 3 different types of kits that you can purchase.  One of them is the strips which are pre-coated with whitening solution ready for you to apply on your teeth for around 30 minutes.  The other type of kit is the where the gel is placed into a tray ready to apply to your teeth.  You will put one tray on the top and one on the bottom set of teeth, these should be worn a few hours a day at least.

Only Be Applied On Natural Teeth

So, these tooth whiteners can only be used on natural teeth, so people who have false teeth or have had a false tooth put in to there mouth then the gel strip or tray will not work on it.  Also if you have crowns, fillings or bridges that are discoloured to your other teeth then that wont work either.



The results of home teeth whitening kits will vary from different people. Depending on the colouring of your teeth this may not work, if you teeth are stained a yellow colour then it will change the colour but if the colouring has turned grey or brown then the colouring will not change much, m

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