Gum Contouring

Gum contouring

What is gum contouring?

This kind of procedure is done through a term called scalpel.  The scalpel is used to trim away any gum that is left over your teeth that doesn’t really need to be there.  This also can be used by a laser.  This treatment only lasts a short time and as you all would like hear, it isn’t a painful procedure.  Using the scalpel will make the treatment a bit longer and the laser will also add time on due to the job it has to do which is sealing the blood vessels.  This is done so that the limit of blood that has gone due to the treatment.  This is a type of treatment this simple and can remedy a term called ‘gummy smile’.

How much does it cost?

The cost on gum contouring can depend on many things.  One of these things is the amount of tissue which needs to be contoured, leading on to the next reason why the price may be raised.  So the next reason is whether it will be or laser or scalpel which will be used.  Also if you have a gum specialist doing the procedure then they are more likely to charge more than a dentist.  The average price for gum contouring to start around are £120.

Gummy smile!

The term gummy smile means that when a person smiles, this more of their gum covering up the teeth at the front.  This can be due to a few things, one of them is certain health conditions, another is taking high blood pressure medication and then the side effects kick in.  Gummy Smile mostly effects the front teeth, and at the same time also shape the teeth in other directions and maybe cause other teeth to damage or move out of shape.

Benefits of Gum Contouring

One of the benefits of gum contouring is making your confidence to smile greater than before. This way you will not have the ‘Gummy Smile’ look, which allows you then for more people to notice the type of treatment you had. This could also benefit the dental surgery you had it done, if people start asking you where you had it done and the help it has given you then they might go to the same surgery. After all, you have benefited from the surgery you have had and also the dental surgery itself.

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