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In this day and age it is commonly known that people have stains and marks on their teeth from drinking and eating things which have strong colourings.  Usually it is seen on old people from drinking coffee and tea.  As you all know that elder people choose to drink tea and coffee and not fizzy drinks and dilute pop. With people wanting to have a beautiful shining smile there are plenty of teeth whitening kits what are available in stores and on the internet, this is a good way for people to get a shine to their teeth if they don’t fancy going to the dentist.

In the teeth whitening kits that you buy, they are two main pieces to the system.  One of these is the tray, the bleaching tray of the kit what has the ingredients in the whitener gel, which then holds the gel against your tooth.  Remember that your mouth is wet at all times and when you have something held in place for a certain amount of time then it usually gets washed away.  The second part to this is the gel itself which comes in syringes.  You may notice that some systems offer more teeth whitening gel but the product is less active.  Some of these systems sometimes have less material, which then means that you need to get the same amount of whitening powder.

Thinking about it, all rely on the bleaching skill to whiten your teeth to remove all the horrible stains which are on them.  When using any type of kit you should follow all instructions carefully.  The time of the results to show depends on the time the gel is spent holding against your teeth, usually most systems say that the limited average time spent of the treatment could last around 20 to 60 minutes.

If you are having problems with the sensitivity of your teeth, it is suggested that you don’t spend as much time on whiten your teeth.  Another thing is to check the level of ingredients, as some systems have some higher and lower levels which could affect your sensitivity in your teeth.  If you find that the kits aren’t helping you like you thought they would then it is advised that you go see a dentist to check out your teeth.

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