Root Canal Treatment

What is Root Canal?

This is a type of treatment which will remove the tooth’s pulp which is a type of tissue is the centre of the tooth. When the pulp gets damaged or got a disease it will be removed as quickly as possible and be cleaned ready to be filled back in.  This then blocks the root canal.  A cause of this might be a nerve in your tooth which has been knocked and is now fragile either recently or in the past.  Other reasons which this may occur are a cracked tooth or a deep cavity.

The Time the New Restored Tooth Will Last

The length of time that the new restored tooth will last depends on how you look after your teeth.  It can last up to a lifetime, but depending on this you need to look after you teeth will extra care and clean them everyday, maybe even have mouthwash too to remove bacteria.  You should do this as even though the tooth is restored is can still get tooth decay.  Now there is no pulp in the alive tooth, the root treated teeth which you had treatment on can become fractured.

Removing the Pulp

The pulp will need to be removed as soon as possible, the pulp or nerve tissue will break down allowing all bacteria to multiply and thrive on it.  Bacteria and other decayed debris will then cause an infection or even an abscessed tooth. Abscessed is like a pocket full of pus which is formed at the end of the root of your tooth.  This happens which the infection has spread all past the ends of your roots.


The cost of root canal is usually around £200 to £300, or if you are having a molar then the price is normally around £250 to £400 this is because the molar have 3 or more roots, where as the front of your teeth usually just have the one root.  The crowns and fillings that maybe needed will be additional, and also a second root canal on the same tooth is normally more money than before.

Reasons You May Think You Need Root Canal

A reason you may think this is toothache, you may feel pain while you are chewing on something or putting pressure on your tooth.  Another reason is you may start to see your tooth discolour a darker colour.  Also after a hot or cold drink your tooth goes sensitive, you get a funny feeling in your tooth.

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