Scale and Polishing

Scale and Polishing

Before And After

Before having your teeth scaled and polished, there will be a lot of bacteria and also tartar (The Scientific term ‘Calculus’) on your teeth that needs to be removed.  On the plus side of this, your teeth are always covered in saliva which actually your teeth benefit from this as it helps them to get stronger, but also protects them more. They is also a negative to this as you will get some calcium deposits on your teeth, this is substance that will sometimes blend in with the colour of your teeth and is known to be noticed as part of your tooth, but also can be seen as a yellow/brown  colour.

After you have had your teeth scale and polished, you will have very nice and smooth teeth, most people tend to rub their tongue against there teeth after to then see how different your teeth will feel. With some people, they feel more confident about smiling to show their teeth off, with a fantastic shine.


Scale and polishing treatments prices can be different on with the amount of work which will be provided. When you meet your dental surgeon, tell her/him what the cost of the treatment is before the surgery begins. They is two types of prices within the NHS, one is £16.50 which is just the basic treatment for scale and polishing, the other type is more advanced treatment which will cost around £45.60.  These prices were current at time of writing.


One of the benefits of having your teeth scale and polished is you will have less chance of getting any type of disease or serious bacteria on your teeth. Getting rid of all the tartar on your teeth, will remove all the bacteria to prevent any type of decay and also make your teeth look more healthy.  Doing this will help you be able to clean your teeth better at home, by brushing your teeth at least twice a day so then you will remove all bacteria after your food.



Dental surgeons will use two different types of equipment.  One of these is the ‘Hand Scaler’, this type of equipment comes in various sizes and also shapes, this is because the surgeons have to reach different parts of your teeth.  The other type of equipment is ‘Electric Scaler’, this equipment had a little tip on the end which is in water, but that water is removed from your mouth with a seduction device. While using this equipment, the ‘Hand Scaler’ may also be used to check to see if all the teeth are clean.

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