What is Scaling?

Scaling is a type of treatment which is used by dental surgeons or hygienists.  This is treatment that will remove all tartar which has built up on your teeth.  Not just on the teeth, this can also appear above the gums so they will also have to remove the tartar from up there as it is just as serious.

Periodontal Scaling

This is a cleaning procedure to remove all hard deposits and infections from underneath the gum area, and also the stain of the teeth to clean the crown and root surfaces.  All of the different types of bacteria that are plagues are removed such as food debris, calculus and pus if they is still any left, in the infected area must be removed.  The equipment that is used smoothens the surface of the root.  When all the bad stuff is removed, then the gum tissues can then repair and become healthy again.  Non-surgical treatment is a good way of treatment which allows the effected tissues to repair. If you treat your teeth and gums with good care, and also give them time to heal properly, then the amount of surgical correction may decrease.

How long does scaling take?

Depending on how deep the pocket are and how extensive the root surfaces are, the scaling and root planning examination might be broken down in to separate parts of the examination, which means they will be different appointments for each part of the exam.  For example one day might be the upper left side, the next appointment left bottom, giving the top half to heal properly.  Instead of that, you could have the bottom side of your mouth done in one appointment, then the next one the top half.  This suggests only a part of your mouth will be still at once meaning that they will be shorter appointments.  The surgeon may give you antibiotic gels to put on to the pocket, this is to remove any bacteria or even to rinse your mouth out with different medications.

Effects of Scaling

Scaling planning and also root planning is usually the easy equipment for types of diseases, which is known to be maybe the only treatment to treat medium rated cases of periodontitis.  Expect bleeding for the first couple of days after the procedure, this should clear up its self with in that time.  Both scaling and root planning reduce the Inflammation below and above and also in the gums.  This still suggests you can get damage to them again by gum disease.

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