Teeth Whitening – Hydrogen Peroxide

What Is Hydrogen Peroxide?

This is a substance which is made up of two atoms.  The atoms which it is made up from are oxygen and hydrogen.  There are two atoms of oxygen and two which are hydrogen so that they are equal.  This is not just used for teeth, it is also in chemicals for bleaching hair and covering up wounds for people.  So, this chemical looks like water but it is used as an oxidizer, oxidizer is a chemical which decreases in to oxygen.

How Long For the Results to Show?

For the results to show on your teeth, it is normally hard to guess how long the results will take, but on average it is known that the results usually show within a week or maybe two.  A fact about it is that it is a lot faster than whitening toothpaste, the toothpaste will take a lot longer to remove the stain.

Side Effects

If you are using this chemical then be careful, as the chemical has some strong side effects.  One of these is the chemical will burn on your skin or gums if you manage to get it on, this could happen if you put too much of the gel in the tray.  Another affect is that it could temporally increase the sensitivity on your teeth, which links to hot and cold drinks.  To prevent your teeth with sensitivity you can use toothpaste which has restorative fluoride in it, this will help repair the structure of your teeth after finally adding some hydrogen peroxide gel.  And finally to stop the burns from happening, you should read the instructions carefully and follow them, and an obvious suggestion is don’t put too much gel on!

How Does It Whiten Teeth?

It is a useful chemical to use as it breaks down in to water and oxygen.  The oxygen this is released by the peroxide, this happens because it then splits the chemical bond what are holding together the horrible stain pigments which you have on your teeth, but these pigments are located in your teeth.  Where as Abrasive ingredients can only remove the stains of the first layer of your teeth which is known as the enamel.  All of the stains from smoking, drinking and eating foods which have a strong colouring to them will then be removed as the oxygen will rip the pigments to show your whiter teeth.

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