Teeth Whitening Pens

This is a brand new way of whitening your teeth.  But people will choose to buy this type of accessory because you can carry it around with you wherever you go and use it at times when you need it.  Many manufactures are selling these pens in store and also on the internet.  You can buy these pens which come in packs that are different models to other and also provide different efficiency so the price will vary between the pens.

Many people think that a whitening pen is same as toothpaste but they are completely wrong.  The pen is a type of tooth gel which is a container of substance, inside the pen is where the gel is located.  But the gel can spill out of the pen at anytime so some manufactures sell pens that have a cap on the end to save the gel from spilling out.  It is known that the gel inside the pen contains around 10-35% of carbomide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, this is the whole part of why the tooth will get whitened.  After it has been applied to the teeth the gel is absorbed deep into the second layer of the tooth which is the dentin.  If you use carbamide peroxide then the substance will also go through to the dentin.  Dentin is the part of the tooth where the food stains usually get destroyed.

To use the pen is really easy as there is nothing that you could possibly do wrong to harm yourself.  It is advised that you should brush your teeth carefully before you apply the teeth whitening pen and also put some of the gel on before use.  If your are not at home or suitable place to brush your teeth then it is ok to use the pen on its own.  It is advisable that brushing your teeth will remove all the food off them and in between you teeth where the food is stuck that is where all bacteria can thrive on.  The results of teeth whitening pens normally show around the first week stage but that is only you use it on a regular basis. These don’t cost a lot of money and are fairly cheap, you can also purchase these of the internet so the prices will vary.

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