Tooth Implants

What Is A Dental Implant?

This is a device which is put into your root to cover for the missing tooth which has gone.  These can be made out of either titanium or titanium alloys which are used in this day and age, they used these types of materials as over the years it has been a good match with the bone.  They will finally contract with the bone so then you will be able to move your mouth correctly but when chewing you will find that it seems a little different to normal, this is because of the ligament.


To find out the cost of the implant you should ask different surgeons the relevant questions, as if you don’t then you might be paying extra money for something that you did not need, so be accurate with questions and comparison.  The dental implant and the placement include the actual implant itself and also the implant in to your jaw.  The abutment treatment is where a crown is put on the implant, which is normally by a post which is connected to the implant.   Once the implant has been put in, if you want it to be replaced then this has to be done by a crown.   The materials and quality of the crown depends on the price, the prices can vary from around £300 to £1000 but the price of the actual implant for just one tooth is on average between £800 and £3000.

How Long Do They Last?

Implants have been used for many years now, and are still been used everyday in the day and age.  This is a question that everyone having a implant will want to know, and basically is a simple answer.  Implants can last a lifetime depending on how you look after them, if you don’t bother cleaning your teeth or mouthwashes to remove all bacteria then don’t expect the implant to last a lifetime.  It can also be damaged by gum disease, which refers back to if you don’t clean your teeth.

If You Need Bone, Where Can You Get It For The Graft?

It is commonly know that the best place to get your bone from is your own bone tissue from elsewhere in your body.  The bone is normally grafted from your chin, jaw, tibia or your hip.  Bone which is from your own body will be faster at healing where as alternatives won’t be.



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