Ways of Straightening Your Teeth

Way of Straightening Your Teeth

This is why you may be advised to an orthodontist as this type of treatment is used to help straighten your teeth to make them look and function a lot better.  This can also make your teeth and gums a lot healthier.  This type of treatment normally involves you wearing a brace.  This is a procedure where it will pull your teeth into the correct space, and you can be wearing these braces from anything around 6 months to 2 years.  You will have appointments for the orthodontist to check your teeth and makes changes to the brace if needed.  Braces are made in different types, one of these types is one will need to be made to fix in place and the other type if that it can be removed.

Removable Braces

This type of brace is made out of plastic, and sometimes they have clips and springs made of wire to move certain teeth.  They are commonly known to be used on the top layer of the teeth, so they can easily move.  Don’t forget that you need to clean your brace every so often, but must be warn at all time including eating time and also going to bed.

Fixed Braces

These are commonly known for another phrase called ‘train tracks’ which cannot be removed from your teeth, unless by your orthodontist when your treatment has ended.  These braces have small brackets which come in a variety off different colours and patterns, these are stuck to your teeth with some kind of filling material, which are held together with a wire.  These can be made from plastic, ceramic and metal, but metal is the one mostly used.  With your brace you may need to have a type of elastic band put on to your brace, so then the wires will stay in place.  These types of bands come in different colours.  This type of brace can also be used on both sets of your teeth.

Lingual braces

This type of brace is very similar to a standard wire one but instead these braces are fitted the back of your teeth so then you can’t see them.  This way they might be very uncomfortable to wear, but at the same time everyone will not know that you have braces on, and that they are making your teeth straight with out anyone knowing they are.

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