What Are Fillings?

Use of fillings

The main use of a filling is to fill in holes that have appeared due to either tooth decay or tooth wear.  For different cavities they are different types of fillings, this is because they need to fit properly.  The parts of the tooth which are decayed and weakened are removed with a small drill, so the filling can the fit in.  Let’s say the cavity spreads to the side of your tooth, and then a band will be put in place around the tooth holding a small wedge in place.

Types of fillings

Amalgam fillings – This type of filling are made up of a combination of metals which include tin, copper, sliver and mercury.  These fillings are able to withstand all the chewing and grinding on the back of your teeth over a long time.

Tooth coloured fillings – This is the type of filling that will match the same colour as all your teeth.  They are usually used for people who show there teeth when they smile or talk.  The most common fillings are composite and glass ionomer.

Root fillings – The root canal is the centre of where the blood vessels and nerves are connected to.  Deep decay can cause the tooth to destroy the living tissue and make it a darker colour.  If you have a dead tooth then it’s prone to infection.  Before work is done, the root canal needs to be cleaned out so it won’t cause any infections.

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