Advantages and Disadvantages Of Laser Teeth Whitening

This type of treatment is well known and more people want to have this to improve their smile. They are more than one option to choose from to get your teeth white. This treatment can help to remove the horrible stains of your teeth, so then you will have more confidence to smile. This treatment is a very quick process and can bring fantastic results back in hours! It is also painless, so people who don’t like pain as such don’t have to worry about. So it seems a very good way to remove those disgusting stains. The stains usually come from things like coffee and tea, it also doesn’t help if you smoke as this also affects them. Seems that treatment can go up to 10 shades lighter. Your teeth will have got shut of all the plague and debris to allow the gel to be put on your teeth. This gel is the most important thing as this is the product what actually whitens your teeth.
An advantage of teeth whitening is that to get a new shiny look on your teeth, you only need to have the treatment once. Where as sometimes but very rarely people might have to have extra treatment to get the colour of your teeth to the correct standard. Another advantage is that laser treatment will last up to around 18 months before any colour change on your teeth, where as home kits which you apply your self, they trays and strips can fall off at any time and the gel may not stick to your teeth correctly.
A disadvantage of this is obviously the price of the treatment. Prices can vary from what type of dentist you have the treatment at, whether it’s under the NHS or not. This is why people may choose to get the home kits because they can’t afford the price of laser treatment. The more treatments that you need the more the price will go up. Another disadvantage of laser teeth whitening is the pain you may get after the treatment. It is known that people suffer from pain in the gums and have sore teeth. This is because of the bleach which is used in the treatment, which has got on to your teeth and also on your gums. This is not a serious problem for people to worry about, it is only a temporally issue.

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