Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth Whitening?

Depending on the state of your teeth, you will have the chance to go through the process of getting them whitened. A reason to get them whitened is if you drink a lot of tea, coffee, carbonated drinks (also know as soda) or even any other food or drink with strong colourings to them, this can stain your teeth a different colour usually like a yellow/brown colour.

Procedure of Tooth Whitening

The procedure of tooth whitening is very complicated but easy to understand as there is only two layers on your teeth that you need to know about.  The first layer ‘Enamel’ is normally clear but can be semi-translucent, but the second layer ‘Dentin’ is yellow but may be seen as brown, black or a grey colour. To get your teeth whitened you need to get to the second layer without damaging the first, so by using a solution on the ‘Enamel’ will open the pores of this layer to reach the ‘Dentin’. When the solution starts to work and get through the pores of the ‘Enamel’ you will then start to notice that your teeth are getting whiter, the solution will have got to the ‘Dentin’.

Ways to have Teeth Whitened

Everyway to have your teeth whitened is going to cost in some way whether the dentist surgeon does it, they can train you to do it yourself or you can go buy it from the chemist.  So, one way is getting the dentist to do the whitening for you, therefore your cost for the dentist will rise as you are having treatment done and also using there time.  Another way is them getting to train you how to do it by providing you with a kit, but also you will have to pay for the training that they are providing you with.  Last way is to just go to the chemist or even online and buy a kit for you to do it yourself but be careful if you haven’t had training!



Methods for Teeth Whitening

There are 5 different methods of teeth whitening.

Laser Teeth – This treatment will take up to around 60 minutes (1 hour), your gums are fully protected a hygienic rubber dam and the whitening gel is applied on your teeth.  The results you receive should last up to around 2 years.

Dental Teeth – Having this treatment may benefit some people as there are different types of the treatment that can suit your standard of teeth.  The surgeons may decide which treatment to have.

Teeth Whitening gel – This is gel which is placed in a type of tray which will fit over your teeth as the gel enters the first layer of your tooth ‘Enamel’ it will bleach the substances.

Teeth Whitening strips – These are sold over the counter in stores across the UK, and are fairly expensive, but actually usually work. These may take longer to produce the desired results.

Teeth Whitening Toothpastes – These pastes contain a substance which will remove the surface stains on your teeth.  Some may contain other substances that are more effective against the stains.

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