Teeth Whitening Kits Barnsley

Getting professionals to whiten your teeth will cost a lot of money, but in this day and age there is more options for people to whiten there teeth with the budget that they have.  The professionals can give amazing results on your teeth in hours, but with the different option of buying a kit yourself it will bring the same affect on your teeth but take a bit more time.  These kits will not cost a lot of money, especially compared to the treatment you would pay getting a professional to do it.  The different types of kits are gels, trays and strips which bring out different results.


The tray is a teeth whitening kit that you can purchase either over the counter or on the internet.  This tray will come with pre-filled solution in that you will use to put on your teeth.  Simple thing about this is that all your have to do is put the trays on the top and bottom of your teeth, and hold them there for the amount of time that is needed (should say on the box that they came in).  Most people tend to find them very useful, where as others may find them very uncomfortable.


This type of kit may come as a strip which then you apply on to your teeth.  You would put the strip on the top and bottom of your teeth.  On the strip will be a whitening chemical, which makes the affect on your teeth to change colour.  These tend to be a lot comfier than the tray but may not find it as good as the strips may not cover the entire tooth that is needed.  The strips will only make an affect on the areas where it is placed, so the tooth may not turn the same colour.


Some of the kits what are available may come with a tube of teeth whitening gel.  This is put in so that you can apply the gel onto your teeth and let it dry, then once dry it will be taken off.  The gel will work a lot better once dry, this is because the saliva in your mouth will stop it from drying.  This gel doesn’t cost a lot, and you can get fantastic results if you use it properly.  Be aware that some kits may give better results than others.

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