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Things You Should Know before going for teeth whitening treatment

Nowadays, you can whiten your teeth in a variety of ways. Often, people go to a dentist to have their teeth whitened. Here, we are sharing some precautions you should bear in your mind before you go for a teeth whitening.


Side Effects Are Possible

A commonly observed side effect of teeth whitening is hypersensitivity within one day after the treatment. If you feel severe pain, taking one painkiller twice in 12 hours can be a good solution. Hypersensitivity can also be occasioned by whitening toothpastes. The toothpastes be rough on your teeth and contribute to gum recession.

The teeth whitening also cause irritation in your soft mouth tissues. This normally occurs when the whitening penetrates the gums. Sometimes, you swallow a little amount of gel that leads to vomiting of nausea.


Whitening Won’t Last For Your Life

Naidyhorski emphasizes that you cannot obtain whitening in a short period, instead it is a long-term process. In Layman’s terms, you need to have subsequent treatments in order to achieve the desired whitening. Moreover, the whitening usually lasts for just 1-3 years.

Remember, for long lasting whiteness, you should sustain proper oral hygiene. Smoking all day long and drinking a lot of Merlot will destroy the whiteness and your teeth will look like they did before the treatment.

Naidyhorksi suggests that you should brush your teeth twice a day in order to remove the staining substance formed by wine, soda or coffee. It will also help you maintain the whiteness of your teeth.


Whitening Is Not Recommended For Everybody

Some individuals should strictly avoid the teeth whitening treatment, such as lactating or pregnant women. It is because certain chemical are used during the treatment than can prove harmful to them. Moreover, individuals who suffer peroxide allergies and have hypersensitive teeth should also avoid this treatment. If you have some problems with your teeth such as cavities, worn enamel, exposed roots, it is advisable to keep away from teeth whitening treatment. Moreover, deeply stained teeth do not show good results after the treatment.


The Results Of Treatment Depends Upon The Existing Condition Of Your Teeth

Some people believe that the whitening treatment will make good all the damage they have caused to their teeth so far. The truth is actually the opposite of what they believe. The treatment results will be better for the teeth that are already in good condition due to good care. Your teeth will appear brighter after the treatment if you have taken good care of them by brushing regularly and avoiding too much smoking or alcohol consumption.

Do Not Cross The Limits

You should strictly avoid over-whitening, as it will reduce the strength of your teeth. It is right that with over-whitening, your teeth will look very beautiful but at the same time, it can spoil the color and enamel of your teeth. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid over-whitening.


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