Teeth Whitening – Treatments For Yellow Teeth

Sometimes you may look in the mirror and smile to see how your teeth are looking, and if you think that your teeth are a bit darker than white or a yellow colour.  When you smile at someone it can either be good or bad, usually if your teeth are white and shiny it’s positive but if they are all yellow then its normally bad.  Most people will know that the cause of yellow teeth is smoking, but also not just smoking is coffee and tea.  These are both popular reasons why people’s teeth look unhealthy.

A way to get rid of the horrible yellow stains on your teeth is to have teeth whitening treatment.  They are a couple of ways you can do this treatment, even stopping at home and doing it yourself.  It is also known to be not as expensive as having it done by a professional at the dentist.  The home whitening kits have some of the same ingredients that modern professionals will use to do the treatment.  An ingredients called hydrogen peroxide is one that gives great results for professionals but also on average give people who do it their self good results.

Another type of ingredient is Carbomer which is used on the kit, this ingredient gives the bleach type effect to the teeth which gives your teeth a white shaded colour.   The final type of ingredients is Sodium Hydroxide, this ingredients doesn’t just give the white color to your teeth it also helps the whitening treatment which then allows the other ingredients to be done quicker.   So, yellow teeth is caused by constant drinking of coffee and tea, smoking and also the age effects them, so they are a lot of teeth whitening kits available for people to buy to help get the new shiny look back on their face.

Summarizing up the effects and causes of yellow teeth is that when you see someone you either know or just to say hello to, you don’t attract them as much as you would if you had nice beautiful white teeth.  Even if you don’t think that you can afford teeth whitening kits then they are teeth whitening strips available what are normally cheaper.  Some people wont have the confidence to tell you about your teeth and how they think about it, but if someone did then it may effect you but as well as them.  Try your hardest to get a new shiny look!


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