The Beverley Hills Smile

This is a type of treatment that makes sure that all stains and discolorations of the teeth are dealt with a certain fashion that brings out fantastic results.  This type of treatment has got stronger in the past years due to research and also applications of technology and also science.  The bright smile treatment is included in the Beverley hills system.  This treatment is what all famous Hollywood stars have on their teeth, due to that all famous stars have this it is known to be the best type of teeth whitening treatment around today.

An advantage of this system is high quality treatment, which is highly recommended.  This is used by the newest equipment which is up to date and had years and years of research.  This is one of the best in the world due to it has been constantly worked on to get to perfection.  It is a very safe procedure as they is 10 to 30 percent of bleaching agents that are used if not many more, the effects that it has on the enamel, soft tissue and also your mouth sometimes show that its negative, so it wont be harmful.  Another advantage is the time of the results to show.  Amazingly it shows the results within hours, maybe even a hour where as normal kits at home it take weeks.  Because the impact happens so fast this still doesn’t affect your enamel or the soft tissue.  You will be able to get this treatment in all the leading dentistry spas.  People like this type of treatment as it is a fast process and is also done very quickly.

On to the disadvantage side now and the first one is the price.  As you can imagine with a name like ‘Beverley Hills’ you would expect the price to be high for this treatment, it is valued on average around $500 – $1100.  Now, everyone cannot afford this type of treatment as it is a lot of money, so other people may choose a different type of system.  Another disadvantage is that it needs to be repeated after a certain amount of time.  Normally it is around 8 months to 2 years to have your whitening done again, this is also depends on how your diet is, with lack of strong types of food and drink colouring that you have then the colouring will last longer.

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