Useful Teeth Whitening Tips

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  1. Teeth Harder Wont Make A Difference!
  2. When you brush your teeth, some people think that it helps when you brush them harder.  Brushing your teeth harder does not make your teeth whiter, but if anything you may damage your gums by doing it.  When you do brush hard, sometimes you will notice a little bit of blood, which is how you damage them!

  3. Will Insurance Cover Teeth Whitening?
  4. Depending on what type of insurance you have you may get insurance but most dental insurances don’t cover your teeth whitening.  This is because teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure which doesn’t come under the same category of check ups and x-rays.

  5. Teeth Whitening Doesn’t Last Forever
  6. This mostly depends on the type of method you have used.  If you have proper treatment at a dentist then it will last a lot longer than you putting whitening strips on.  Usually it is know that teeth whitening will last on average around 6 months to a year.

  7. How Long To See Results?
  8. If you have used a method which you have bought over the counter or the internet then it may take around 8 week to notice the change in your teeth, where as if you have had the treatment at a dentist then you might see amazing changes is hours.

  9. Safe?
  10. The method using peroxide cannot damage your teeth, but you can get side effects from this such as sensitivity in your teeth or irritation in your gums.  So people wanting or having teeth whitening treatment don’t worry, it is defiantly safe!

  11. Methods for Everyone!
  12. If you are scared that every time you smile your yellow discoloured teeth will show, then don’t worry as they is an affordable method for everyone!  Whether it is strips that you buy to cover up or have proper treatment which you can afford, so take your time and choose the method which benefits you.

  13. Get Results At Home
  14. Whether you do teeth whitening at home or go to a dentist you usually find out that they are similar results.  People go to dentists and pay more money to get a amazing result in hours, where as home whitening kits can take weeks to get to the same outcome.

  15. The Side Affects
  16. When having this treatment you may get a little affect from it.  These are not harmful in any way.  You might either get sensitivity in your teeth or a gum irritation where the gel has got on to.

  17. Toothpastes Don’t Bleach Teeth
  18. The fact is that toothpastes cannot bleach your keep white.  Most if not all toothpastes don’t contain the chemicals do be able to do that.  They may be the odd toothpaste which does make your teeth whiter but is very rare.

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