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When teeth become discoloured you might want to seek help with restoring them to their natural colour.  Having a lovely smile is a sign of good health and can be an important factor in making you feel good about your.  Having yellow or even grey teeth can be detrimental to your self-confidence and these days there are affordable solutions to having your teeth whitening.  Simple tooth bleaching kits are available for purchase online which do come with instructions but many would advice you to visit your Dentist and seek their help before purchasing a kit online.  Your Dentist will be able to recommend and sell you teeth whitening kits or teeth whitening strips.  With the consultation that they can provide, you can rest assured that you have received sound, professional advised from a registered, experience Dental Practitioner.  Interested in laser teeth whitening? Ask your Dentist for their opinion on this.

If you’ve found this blog post then the chances are that you live in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, and are looking for information about teeth whitening.  If so, I would recommend that you visit your Barnsley Dentist who will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

Methods for Teeth Whitening

There are 5 different methods of teeth whitening.

Laser Teeth – This treatment will take up to around 60 minutes (1 hour), your gums are fully protected a hygienic rubber dam and the whitening gel is applied on your teeth.  The results you receive should last up to around 2 years.

Dental Teeth – Having this treatment may benefit some people as there are different types of the treatment that can suit your standard of teeth.  The surgeons may decide which treatment to have.

Teeth Whitening gel – This is gel which is placed in a type of tray which will fit over your teeth as the gel enters the first layer of your tooth ‘Enamel’ it will bleach the substances.

Teeth Whitening strips – These are sold over the counter in stores across the UK, and are fairly expensive, but actually usually work. These may take longer to produce the desired results.

Teeth Whitening Toothpastes – These pastes contain a substance which will remove the surface stains on your teeth.  Some may contain other substances that are more effective against the stains.

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